Sunday, 29 June 2008

Long Ride

Another long cycle today. I got up at 5:30 by mistake as I thought it must be late as it was so light outside but I couldn't see the clock. So once I got the the bathroom and found out the time, I was wide awake and couldn't be bothered to go back to bed so I watched In Bruges. Very good film.

Anyway, I got to Surbiton about 8:30 and John was waiting. No sigh of Ed. Ed turned up about 25 minutes late as he had a puncture on his carbon wheels just as he left his house. We got going at nearly 9 and I led the way for a bit. I remembered how much I hate being in the lead of a group of riders and the pressure to cycle fast. I'm definitely a follower in cycling as well as in life.

By the time I got to the hill up to Esher, John had left me behind and we had both left Ed behind. It was clear who was better than who at that point. The day pretty much went on the same way with John about 2 minutes ahead of me and Ed about a minute or so behind me. John was much better a climbing and seemed to sail up hills.

When I got home I had to cycle another 9 miles to the other side of Dulwich for Saffron's 5th birthday. On the way back I set off at the same time as Cath in the car but I beat them over the 6 miles home.

I really enjoyed the ride and really want to keep it up and Ed wasn't put off so it looks like we will try and get in shape for E'tape.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Long Solo Ride

Long cycle today. I had cycled part of this 2 weeks ago and I drove the whole course last week. I really did ok, much better than I thought. And I really enjoyed it. This was the route. Its was 45 miles starting and ending in Surbiton. Its a great ride, good roads, not much traffic, very pretty and not too hard. Its got 3 hills, 2 short and sharp and one long but not too steep (Box Hill) and some fun downhills. I was fine on Box Hill as I just got in a rhythm and went up. The other 2 were harder and I was out of the saddle most of the time.

Lots of people passed me so I know that it will take a while to get up to speed but to go a third of the distance on my first proper ride is pleasing.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Legs go

So, I finally decided to do the Etape in 2009. I have researched it and I'm happy that I have the basic ability to do it. Its going to take 12 months of training but it will be great to focus on something new.

I have sent an email out to all my mates who I know have an interest in cycling or doing big excercise events and I've had lots of positive responses.

The only one who is definitly signed up is Ed. It fact, he's so keen, he's gone out a bought a £2,000 bike. That is dedication.