Sunday, 31 August 2008


Was on holiday in Spain and France for two weeks and managed a couple of days cycling with the family but mostly ran. I would have loved to have taken my bike on holiday as the roads were perfect for riding but it was too complicated.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Autumn Epic - Signed up

I have signed up to my first sportive today. Its called the Autumn Epic and starts and finishes in Knighton in Wales.

"The Autumn Epic is a European-style cyclosportive, starting in Knighton in the Welsh Marches on 5th October 2008, and taking you through the superb scenery of the ancient county of Radnorshire. The route in 2008 will, as in 2007, be a little longer than in previous years, at over 150km, but with a similar amount of total climbing (around 3000m)."

As you can see, its rather hilly and we've (My mate Ed is also doing it) probably taken on more than we can chew but the cut off points see very generous and the last person finished in around an 11mph average last year so fingers crossed, we can beat that. If not then I'm sure we will learn loads from it.

As the kids were away, I had the day free. I rode to Dad's and Littluns and had a coffee with my friends before setting off to Richmond Park. My aim was to ride the three laps and get an official time I can work on over the coming months. It was sunny to start with but the clouds rolled in and it rained for a while. Getting my bike wet for the first time was unnerving.

As well as the rain, it was quite windy especially up the first uphill stretch going anticlockwise from Roehampton gate. I complete the first lap in 22 minutes which seemed ok. I pushed on into the second lap but the wind was stronger and then it rained which slowed me down. The second lap was done in over 24 minutes which was disappointing. I tried to go a bit faster on the third lap and I was doing ok but had to slow down a couple of times for deers and cars. I finished in 1:09:10 (average of 17.5 mph) which is quite a bit off what I was hoping for but gives me a target I'm sure I'll break. I did 38 miles in total.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Richmond - 3 lap PB

3 more laps of Richmond and with the wind less and no sign of rain, I had a go at beating Monday's time.

It felt quicker from the off as I got up the first hill in good shape and pushed on. I passed a couple of "fit" looking cyclists which gave me hope that I'm not that useless. I ended the first lap in just under 22 which was ok. The second lap didn't feel so good and I struggled up the first hill. I felt like I was fighting with my bike most of the way round and it wasn't helped by a very slow car on the steep down hill. Lap2 was done in 22:14 so I was outside a 66.

I was determined to make it up on the last lap and I really pushed when I could. I was out of the saddle up the first hill and the short steep one. I really went for it on the last straight, bombing along at 23 mph which I thought was good. I knew it would be close but I really went for it and finished the last lap in 21:38 which gave me a total time of 1:05:50. I was delighted.

Garmin Data:
  1. 6.74 miles 21:58:36 18.4 mph
  2. 6.65 miles 22:13:75 18.0 mph
  3. 6.73 miles 21:37:64 18.7 mph

Total 20.13 miles 1:05:50 18.3 mph

I did feel some niggles today particularly in my feet. The outside of the soles of my feet really hurt and my right foot had an extremely tender spot when I took my shoe off at the end. It went away quite quickly but it was very painful.