Monday, 13 July 2009

100% for DeafBlind

This week I received my 25th donation to DeafBlind and achieved my target of £500. Actual, I'm now on to 101% which is excellent.

A huge thanks to Volker, Andrew L, Gurm, Erwan, Pete Swann, Gary, Andrew V, David, Mum and Peter, Grant, David Carr, Phil, Ben, Mal, Sally, Gary & Sandra, Rosemary and Peter, Rob Bagley, Jason, Paul Nolan, Mark Cousins, Ben Abel, Kerry & Richard and Andrew Watson.

Your donations will be used by an excellent charity to really help some disadvantaged people. Thank you.

Just because I have achieved my target, I'd still love anyone to donate if they would like to. You can easily give money here:

Thanks so much,

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