Friday, 3 July 2009

Tougher than a Ninja

As the temperatures have been going up, I've found that my sweaty head is giving me grief. I found in Dartmoor I was having to take my glasses off to use my gloves to wipe the sweat from my eyes. My eyes often stung as sweat dripped into them.

So I looked for a solution. I found this headband but it wasn't available in the UK and expensive from the States. I read on forums that a lot of people use Buffs so I got myself a Coolmax Buff Headband. It seems odd to wear something else to keep cool but people say it works. The main thing is that it draws the sweat away so it won't go in my eyes. I've also heard that if you soak it in water it can keep you cool for ages.

Its a shame I look like a dick.


Lost Sheep said...

I tend to use a cap under my helmet which seems to do the trick. Soaking it in water does help keep you cool as it helps to dissipate the sweat somehow, not sure quite how though. We need a scientist to help us out.

As for looking like a dick.....who cares?! If it works, it works.

BTW - i don't think you look like a dick. Crazy Ninja,yeah lol

Simon Lewis said...

Thanks Lost. It does appear that my T-shirt is on back to front.

Lost Sheep said...

Now you mention it......;oP