Saturday, 11 July 2009

How much...

On Thursday, I took my bike into Cycles Dauphin to get my final Etape service. It had been over 3 months and 2100 miles since the last service so even though I am good at cleaning the chain and cassette, I guessed that they would tell me to change them. They mechanic didn't pressure me and said they could last a while longer but the wear was borderline. Had it been any other event, I might have risked it but as I've been training for this for a year, I can't take the chance.

They couldn't fix the break lever that I bent in the crash so that had to be replaced. Then, whilst cleaning the bike, they noticed a crack in part of the rear break. Again, they said it would probably be ok but that it could fail at any time. If I'm hurtling down a French hill at 50mph, I don't want to risk being without a rear break so it was another £65 added to the bill.

When to total came in, I did nearly cry. £430 just to make the bike work properly. That sort of money would have got me a nice little hybrid to replace my rubbish run-around bike I currently use. Or a nice pair of sun glasses and helmet to replace the bottom-of-the-range ones I use now. Or a nice weekend away somewhere.

Anyway, I guess I had no choice. The crash could have broken my frame or worse, broken me so I know I'm lucky. Its just I've spent nearly every penny I have on this hobby for the past year and I would like to use some of it for other things.

Things nearly went from bad to worse on the way home. I was immediately aware of a terrible speak coming from the bottom bracket. I got so annoyed, thinking of all the terrible abuse I would shout at the mechanic then I took it back in. How could I spend all that money and not have the bike running perfectly? I got more and more cross trying to work out what it was. It took me 20 miles to realise my left shoe was creaking. If I arched my foot the noise stopped. How embarrassing. So apologies to the mechanic at Dauphin. I did say nasty things in my head and I'm sorry.


kate said...

sometimes it's better not to add it up. i certainly haven't been keeping a total of the build for my new bike-not one that i'd say in company anyway ;)

Karen Popplewell said...

As you know Simon, I feel your pain. I know just what you mean about getting p'd off with the squeak after you'd spent all that money (even if it turned out to be your shoe). My gears are still not changing fantastically well - sometimes, I click a lever and it can be a few pedal revolutions and a lot of clicking before it finds the gear. Every time it happens I find myself shaking my head and thinking bad thoughts. I'm going to take it back in before I go. Is it normal or should gear changing be smoother than this?

Simon Lewis said...

Kate - Ignorance is bliss

Karen - I think you should expect your changes to be smooth after £160. You have a new chain and cassette so there is no ware. The only reason must be poor indexing I guess. Take it back.