Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Job done

I'm currently in the car somewhere north of Dijon with a big grin on
my face. Yesterday was an amazing day. I'll write a full report
tomorrow but I'll just say it was a fun 93 miles and then an epic 14
miles in the heat on Ventoux. I've never experienced anything like it
before. So proud of myself. Who'd have thought I could do that.

Simon Lewis


Red Bike said...

Looking forward to reading your writeup.

kate said...

well done-as red said can't wait for the write up

John Sutton said...

Congratulations! Your tweets were a bit confusing, wasn't sure of the outcome. Look forward to the write up

Simon said...

Well done Simon and a good time. I also managed to finish, quite a day!

Duncan Dynamo said...

Well done Simon. The heat got to me up the Ventoux but the event ids spectacular and the scenery is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Your Unreal 'your a champ'. Congratulations.

Simon Lewis said...

Thanks all. Very kind words. I'm half way through the write up and I'll post it this evening.