Thursday, 16 July 2009

Video nasty

I wanted to do a video of the 11 events I had completed in the build-up to the Etape. In my head, it was to be a montage of dramatic pictures with stirring music. What I've made looks to me like a stinky slice to cheese. I feel like Michael Bay. Great ideas, terrible execution.

Anyway, watch and laugh.


Red Bike said...

After those 11 the Etapes should be no problem.

kate said...

everyone should have a montage!! that broom wagon looks strangle frightening-don't look back and just keep pedaling ;)

Karen Popplewell said...

Good luck Simon - hope it all goes well for you, as I'm sure it well.
Hope to catch up with you over there in the start village or something.
Take care

Ed said...

Mate. That's realy bad.