Friday, 17 July 2009

Off we go

All packed and ready to go. Bike clean, serviced and looking good. Body in good(ish) shape and feeling fine.

I'm off to my sister-in-law's tonight as she lives in north Kent which is great for Ashford the the Eurotunnel. She is also lending us her car which is very very kind.

I can't believe is all happening now. Its been 14 months since we came up with this crazy idea and its flown past.

A huge thanks to everyone who as read my blog, left comments, sponsored me, given me great advice and listened to me drone on about cycling. Special thanks to my wife Cath who has put up with all my training, weekends away and extra costs over the past year. She has been very understanding.

I'll try and post whilst in France and I'll be taking lots of pictures and video.

Good luck to anyone taking part and I hope you have a great ride.

All the best,

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Lost Sheep said...

I know you'll probably get this comment after the event but good luck. Have a great time!