Thursday, 23 July 2009

Etape 2009: Post Race

Time to base of Ventoux - 5:25:04
Average speed - 17.2 mph
Time up Mont Ventoux - 2:23:40
Average speed - 5.9 mph
Total Time - 7:48:44
Average speed - 13.7 mph
Place - 2506 out of 7397 finishers


Ed - 7:35:20
Clive - 9:34:36
Bob - 7:07:10
SimonO - 8:17:28

Boardman - 8:45:47
Cracknell - 6:27:58

What I knew would happen, has happened. I'm low. The post event anticlimax is upon me. I expected to feel like this just like I did with my marathons and its nothing to worry about. I had been building up to this event for over a year so now that its over, I have a lack of focus.

There is also the small matter of my teaching course that I start in September. The Etape was taking all my efforts but now its over, I get to start worrying about becoming a teacher. I am looking forward to it but I'm also very nervous.

As for my thoughts on the event, they are nothing but positive. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. I can't wait to get back and do some more. I am truly hooked. I was watching the tour yesterday and all I could think of was 'I want to ride that hill'.

I have the Autumn Epic to train for over the Summer. I will look to go faster than last year. I will get back into running and do some sort stuff like 5k or 10k events.

I'll also try and find an event for next summer to give myself a long term goal. Maybe the Etape, maybe the Marmotte or maybe a trip with a cycling holiday company.

In the very short term, I plan to eat pizza and drink beer at Ed's on Saturday watching the Ventoux stage.


Lost Sheep said...

That is bloody brilliant Simon!!!!!!!

A 2+hr climb? Ouch! You must be so pleased with how you did and the whole day must have been the best ever!

Simon Lewis said...

Thanks very much. Nothing in the UK prepared me mentally for climbing for over 2 hours.

It was incredible. I really want to give it another go. Sub-2 hours up Ventoux next time :-)

Datameister said...

I wish someone had told me about the post-event low before I did last year's Etape.

The finish was an anticlimax, pouring rain and no spectators, as was the post-event wind down.

It probably took 3 months to properly remember that I do this because I love doing it.

Storming result, I would have been ultra-proud to post such a time. Well done.

As for other climbs, did you see the Col du Petit St Bernard? How much do you want to do that??!

Simon Lewis said...

Thanks Data. I am very proud.

After the race was comical. We all fell asleep on the coach and then went to the bar in the hotel. We managed 2 beers, some food and then, given no one could muster the energy to speak, we went to bed.

St. Bernard looked fantastic. Its now on the list with Telegraph, D'Huez, Galibier etc. etc.

Jez said...

Hi. Your stats were almost identical to mine - a good pace to the bottom of Ventoux and then a hellish grind. We finished three minutes apart. One solution to a post-ride low... there are still some nice sportives to go this year. The Ride of the Falling Leaves in October run by my club (Dulwich Paragon), Circuit of Kent, or the Exmoor Beast in November. If you have another ride anticipate, it might just do the trick. Well done on your Etape success!!

Karen Popplewell said...

ohhh, well done Simon. Your result is amazingly good. I'm in the middle of watching your video - it brings it all back.
Jez is right - loads of sportives to go :-) My next is Wild Wales and I'm hoping to do the Autumn Epic, Manchester 100 and the Exmoor Beast. And then there's planning for next year. I thought that once I'd done the Etape, I wouldn't be interested in doing another and would prefer other things but I know I'll be eagerly awaiting the route announcement in October.
What you doing next with your blog? I'm wondering whether to bring it to a gradual close but then perhaps start another one up! I've really quite enjoyed doing it.
I can't wait to watch the coverage tomorrow.
Take care

Red Bike said...

It all sounds so horrendously hard.

Simon Lewis said...

Well done Jez. Excellent ride.

I'm already signed up to the Autumn Epic. It was my first sportive so I want to see if I can do it any quicker this year. Its also a great ride. I want to find something in September as well.

I agree re the Etape. I think if its Alpe D'Huez I'll find it hard to resist. The Marmotte sounds great but it doesn't have the romance of being an actual Tour stage.

As for the blog, I love doing it. It started out as just a record for me but is more than that now. I will probably end this one and start a new one but without a focus, I don't really now how to start.

Cheers Red.

John Sutton said...

Brilliant effort. 2 hours straight up in that heat makes the Fred Whitton sound easy. Keep up the blogging and the tweets